No more despair

I did not design this lovely art. Here’s who did.

I love this scene from The Return of the King when Théoden gives his final instructions to his niece, Éowyn, before riding to battle and death.

After Théoden charges her with the defense of Edoras if he falls, Éowyn asks, “What other duty would you have me do, my lord?”

He answers, “Duty? No. I would have you smile again. Not grieve for those whose time has come. You shall live to see these days renewed. No more despair.”

I have long identified with Éowyn and felt these words as a call to myself. Never more so than a few weeks ago when I knelt at the bedside of my father, who had died shortly before. These words of Théoden came back to me, and I promised my dad that I would not give into despair.

This blog has no more explicit purpose than to remind myself of that promise. To watch and see these days renewed.


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