Seeking Time

I often approach my quiet time as a checklist. I read the day’s chapters in my Bible App chronological reading plan, and am grateful when the Thursday “free day” gives me a chance to catch up on missed assignments. I believe this discipline is good. But there’s so much lacking in it too.

A few days ago I had the idea to spend an hour simply seeking God. It could be through reading, walking, or listening to music. Picture looking around the house for someone you know is there, but you’re not sure in which room. This seems more healthy than my current attitude, which is expecting God to meet me exactly at the time and place I’ve appointed. Actually, it’s more like I don’t expect God to meet me at all.

This evening I tried the “seeking time” approach and predictably enough ending up scanning our bookshelves. I chose From the Library of C. S. Lewis, one of my husband’s contributions to our shared library, and read this in the foreword:

Jim Bell and Tony Dawson have compiled a selection of readings that will nourish the spiritual and intellectual hunger of healthy souls in several ways…First, these readings are in and of themselves a superb tonic to refresh the thirsty soul.

That phrase “hunger of healthy souls” warmed me. I’ve been doubting the health of my soul (the words dry and brittle come to mind). But maybe my very desire to seek shows that my soul is healthy, just hungry and thirsty. This seemed a promising note to begin my experiment.

Then I saw who wrote the foreword: our pastor, Lyle Dorsett. I knew he was a Lewis scholar, but had no idea he was connected with this book. Seeing his name on the page was like finding an Easter egg or a small hint on a map showing I’m going the right direction.


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