Memories of My Grandma

My Grandma Lu passed away earlier this month. Losing two generations within two months hurts. I wrote down a few memories of her since I can’t be present at the funeral in Washington today.

One of my favorite memories of grandma was when we were playing Catch Phrase a few years ago. She was supposed to get her team to guess a word and she said “This is what I do on Mondays!” Everyone cracked up and started throwing out guesses like “Take a shower!” Aunt Vi knew the right answer, which was of course, bowling.

I went bowling with Grandma a few times. I was terrible, but she looked like she belonged out there. She would always encourage me and give me pointers on how to throw the ball. Bowling was one of the many things we did on our Saturdays together. We met once a month for years, and it felt more like two friends getting together than anything else. We played Aggravation, Sorry, Pay Day, and rummy around her kitchen table, often with Ed. Later I might be watching TV with Ed when I’d hear her unmistakable call ‘Dinner!” The space-age salt and pepper shakers were always present, along with her can of Mr. Pib.

Sometimes she would join me in the piano room downstairs. She sat down at that piano and it knew who was boss. I don’t remember the songs she played, but I remember how she played them, maybe remembering when those songs were new.

Grandma once told me about the barn dances she and Grandpa Nick used to host in the hayloft. I wish I could have been at one of those. Until I see Grandma again, that’s how I’m going to remember her: the life of the party, making others laugh and feel welcome, and loved. I miss you, Grandma.


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