February days (2016)

A few bloggers I follow have “What I’m into” posts that outline what they’re reading, watching, listening to, and trying in their homes and lives in general. I like that idea but I wanted to call mine something else.

What I’m reading

  • The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas (published in 1942). My husband recommended this and I’m reading it as part of the 2016 Reading Challenge. I’m about 3/4 through, and it reminds me of Ben-Hur, one of my dad’s favorite movies. Reading about the life of Jesus through this biblically based fiction has given me a different perspective on the current season of Lent.
  • A pile of marketing books like Purple Cow by Seth Godin as I transition into a new job.
  • Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem. My mom and I are studying this book together. We’re on Chapter 3, and I have to say I am enjoying this more than many Bible studies I’ve done. It feels like peeling back a layer and looking at the foundation of what we believe and why.

What I’m watching

Nothing right now, but some recent favorites were West Wing (for like the 10th time) and Frasier. We also watched Blood Diamond a few days ago—such a powerful film.

About town

  • Octane coffee. Just discovered their Viscaya roast from Guatemala. I’m thinking about doing a review of local coffee shops in the near future.
  • The gym. I’m getting ready to run a 5K this weekend, so I’ve been trying to convince myself that I can indeed run 3.1 miles.
  • The new hotel in Mountain Brook. OK, haven’t been there yet but we’re going for dinner this weekend.


I get a little sad when I consider how much of my day is spent online. Here are a few places that time goes:

  • Would Anyone Mind if You Moved?” This article ties into several conversations my husband and I have had recently regarding place and rootedness.
  • Trello. A project management/workflow tool I started using in my job. It’s taken me awhile to get used to it, but it’s kind of addicting. In a productive way. (I hope.)
  • Modern Mrs. Darcy. I stumbled across Anne’s blog several months ago and am still happy when I see new posts in my inbox.

Everything else

  • IF: Gathering. I attended an IF: Local event last weekend and am still processing everything (longer post to follow soon).
  • Establishing daily rituals. So far, lighting a candle when I start work and taking a tea break at 3:00. Oh, and trying to blog every Thursday morning. 😛
  • Ash Wednesday. Our Anglican church is now in the season of Lent. Our pastor read  A. W. Tozer’s  “7 Rules for Self-Discovery” during the Ash Wednesday service and encouraged us to think and pray about them over the next 40 days.

1) What do you want most?

2) What do you think about most?

3) How do you use your money?

4) What do you do with your leisure time?

5) What company do you enjoy?

6) Who and what do you admire?

7) What do you laugh at?


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