August days (2016)

In the last two months since I’ve written, my husband and I found, bought, and moved into a new house. (Well, actually an old house; it was built in the 1930s!) So I’d like to blame my lack of writing on all that craziness. But I also spent several days back in Washington renewing old ties and saying goodbye to some places I may never see again. Here are a few other ways I have been spending my time this summer.

What I’m Reading

  • Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. I somewhat begrudgingly checked this out from the library on audiobook (excellently read by Reese Witherspoon). There was so much hype and controversy when this book came out, and I just didn’t want to get into it. To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic, but I didn’t read it until I was adult and didn’t have strong feelings about the original characters. But much to my surprise, I really enjoyed Go Set a Watchman. Maybe it connects with the outsider-looking-in sense I sometimes have living in the South. Most powerful though was the de-throning of Scout/Jean-Louise’s father, Atticus, as her God.
  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Another classic I somehow missed and well-worth the read. Gives a whole new, eerie urgency to the idea of too much screen time.
  • Hunting the Divine Fox by Robert Farrar Capon. I cannot remember when I have last enjoyed reading theology this much. Several times last night I interrupted my husband to read aloud a passage that made me laugh, or think differently about a truth I’ve “understood” for so long. This was the one book of his I could find in our library system, so once I finish I’ll probably snag his other books from Amazon. I don’t understand why he is not better known; he is probably the only other theologian whose writing approaches the common-sense clarity of C. S. Lewis.

What I’m Watching

  • The Olympics, and that’s pretty much it. I remember watching the 1996 Atlanta games in our apartment in Hawaii. Ever since then, the Summer Olympics are something I’ve looked forward to every four years, despite the strange opening ceremonies. Do I follow swimming or gymnastics any other time? No, but for some reason I’m staying up till 11 almost every night to watch these athletes. I blame it on Bob Costas.

Everything Else

  • I’m unpacking, trying to organize, and all the while getting WAY too distracted with our local Homewood Facebook group for community trading. (Think of it like a constantly updating, city-wide garage sale.) I’ve purchased a couple things for our new house from there, and it’s hard to resist the temptation to check new listings multiple times a day.
  • Maybe I’ve been spending so much time on Homewood Trading because I got used to constantly checking when we were looking for a house. Addicting, but unnecessary now. Here’s to better habits starting today!

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